Is your gluten free and vegan?
Yes we are 100% gluten free and vegan! 
What is the shelf life of Kold Sauce?
If you keep it cold it will be good for at least six months.
My Kold Sauce is bubbling/fizzy
Kold Sauce is a naturally fermented product, we do not pasteurise our sauce it is very much alive. Some bubbling and fizzing, even a hiss is very normal. We recommend storing the sauce somewhere cool ideally in the fridge upon purchase and always advise caution when opening for the first time (open slowly and point away from your face).
My Kold Sauce has separated a little at the top
Separation can happen, just give it a good ol’ shake
How hot is Kold Sauce Original?
The heat can vary slightly but our aim is to be around a 6.5 out of 10. We don't really subscribe to the sauces out there that just bring the heat. 
Will you ship internationally?
We are working on it!